We help you to successfully rent out your apartment to tourists, private and business travelers.

Why is your apartment interesting for tourists?

More and more tourists and travelers prefer private accommodation to classic hotels and guesthouses. Not only for individual tourists who are always looking for something special, but also for families and business travelers’ private apartments have become a popular alternative.

There are many reasons for this – better value for money, central locations and the good feeling of being at home in a foreign city.

What is the market environment like?

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and its center for culture, trade, finance and media. With around 14.4 million inhabitants, the 2016 metropolitan region ranked 15th among the world’s largest metropolitan regions. With almost twelve million tourists from abroad every year, Istanbul is also the city with the eight largest number of visitors in the world. The city lies on the northern shore of the Sea of Marmara on both sides of the Bosporus, i.e. both in European Thrace and in Asian Anatolia. Due to its unique transit location between two continents and two maritime regions, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, it has significant shipping traffic and two major airports as well as two central head and numerous long-distance bus stations. The Marmaray project connects both halves of the city by rail and, in the future, the terminals to each other’s railways. Istanbul is therefore one of the most important hubs for transport and logistics on an international and national level.

This benefits not only the classic hotels, but also providers who are making their apartments increasingly attractive for tourists and business travelers. For example, Airbnb alone – one of the most popular internet platforms for renting apartments to travelers – offered around 6,000 apartments in Vienna, Austria in 2016. This is less than 1% of all apartments in Vienna. For comparison: In Berlin, Germany more than 7% of apartments are already offered via Airbnb. There are also other platforms active such as vrbo and 9Flats.

How much money can I earn by renting my apartment?

As shown in the following sample calculation, you can achieve an additional profit of up to 90% with a short-term rental and the help of CENSUS.

Of course, you can also take care of renting out your apartment to tourists on your own and save the CENSUS costs! However, according to Airbnb’s experience, you would have to spend about 40 hours per month to achieve this additional profit.

Sample calculation

A 3-room apartment in an historic building in vienna (pre WWII tenement), close to the city center, category A, terrace, 100m2

long-term rent out CENSUS
Rent € 9.180,- € 30.234,-
Operating Costs € 2.712,-
Value Added Tax
(10% – 13%)
€ 1.189,- € 3.939,-
Total Revenue € 13.081,- € 34.164,-
Operating Costs € 2.712,- € 2.712,-
Sales Tax
€ 1.189,- € 3.930,-
Electricity, Gas, Water is paid by the tenant € 1.080,-
CENSUS (30%) € 9.070,-
Total Expenses € 3.901,- € 16.792,-
Outcome Surplus Profit € 9.180,- € 17.371,- (89%)


CENSUS takes care of everything that makes renting out your apartment to tourists, private and business travelers and tourists a success:

  • marketing of the apartment on all relevant internet platforms
  • thorough cleaning after each visit by professionals
  • continuous rent adjustment depending on occupancy rate and season
  • win new guests, take care of them and keep in touch with them
  • make you a sought-after host
  • we use a powerful channel management system to avoid double bookings.

The right solution for you

Are you looking for something in particular? Here are our solutions:

Use it yourself

We give you flexibility.

Would you like to rent your apartment mainly to tourists and business travelers, but still use it yourself from time to time? No problem! We are happy to put together a rental plan that is tailored to your needs.

Better performance

We do the right thing for you and your apartment.

You are already renting your apartment to tourists and want to optimize your income? We make sure that you achieve higher average prices and better occupancy. In addition, we make sure that you become a popular host with the help of positive reviews from satisfied guests.


We speak eight languages for you.

Your guests speak different languages? No problem, our team speaks eight languages and gives your guests the good feeling of being at home in a foreign city.

You don’t know

We’ll show you how it’s done.

You want to rent out your apartment to tourists, but don’t know how it works? We will make your apartment a sought-after address for tourists and business travelers! We are an experienced team of specialists in PR, marketing, social media, tourism and real estate development.

You don’t want to

We do!

You know how to market apartments to tourists via Airbnb and similar online platforms, but don’t want to take care of it yourself (anymore)? No problem, we will gladly take over this task for you! More free time for the things that really interest you.

No time

We’ll take our time.

Your apartment is available, but you don’t have time to welcome your guests? We take professional care of your guests so that you never miss an opportunity to rent your apartment.

Partial renting

We’ll be there when you’re gone.

You are not always in the apartment because you travel privately and/or on business and want it to be used during your absence. We will help you rent the apartment to tourists and business travelers and make you a popular host.

I am gone

We’ll stay in Istanbul for you.

Your apartment is available, but you are not there to welcome your guests? We are happy to lock the apartment for your guests and make sure that they receive all the information they need for their stay.